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Non-standard automation technicians' "green years"

I graduated in 2009. Because I didn't learn well at school and lacked self-confidence, I found a job at the campus recruitment fair and made a car gear.
To be honest, I was quite happy during that time, but the salary was really low, two thousand, sometimes not enough. Work basically does not need to do any work, one year of internship, follow the master to run. This is not a problem, so I resigned to Guangdong after a year. Shenzhen is really a good job. I went to the talent market and voted for eight resumes. I received four interview opportunities. When I changed jobs, I really didn't pick it. Someone wanted to go basically. I remember that there was a recruitment. The person in charge didn't want to be a freshman. As a result, I saw the salary requirements on my resume. I had to go to the interview. Haha.
At that time, I knew that my stomach was not enough, so I asked for a relatively low price. I sent it for three thousand months and I was happy for a long time, but later I found out that I was really good in the newcomer. Later, I went to an electronics factory in Huizhou because he was the earliest of the few jobs I went to the interview. Do a very ordinary job, pipe production line equipment, then I was also very confused, can not see hope. But in fact, if you are a little more prominent, you will get a chance. At that time, we were popular in lean production. I designed several new tooling fixtures. I was taken by the lean production project team and pulled me to the project team to make a new production line. Our production line is still ok, production. It is 30% more efficient than traditional production lines, but it is not high enough. Of course, there are some disadvantages, so the promotion is very slow. At the same time, the company has a non-standard automation project team, look at the equipment they do, I feel all kinds of tall. So I told my manager that they wanted to go to their project team, and he said that he was enough.
I then resigned and went to Shenzhen. The online resume, the subsidiary of the big family, the first interview to do non-standard positions, the manager did not look at, after all, did not engage. But the manager of another equipment department took me and continued to work as a tooling fixture. But I want to do the non-standard automation, the turmoil of the heart can not stop. I directly designed the 3D solution of the equipment according to the needs of production, found the manager, and obtained his support, but also set up the project. So I embarked on the road of non-standard automation design. Shenzhen, but you know, the price is desperate, let alone we engage in machinery, in the Nanshan Science and Technology Park, according to income can be said to be the bottom. After two years, I can't stay any longer and want to change jobs.       
       Later, I went to Dongguan, the world's manufacturing factory, to do non-standard automation. When looking for a job, the general manager directly interviewed and chatted for an afternoon, very happy. The treatment is also quite good, higher than I am in Shenzhen. In the first year, the company developed very well. We also went on two big projects. My ability was also confirmed by the boss. The final year-end awards exceeded the price of the interview.
Many 998 heroes suggested that we should not engage in non-standards and believe that there is no future. But I have already embarked on this road, thinking about trying to improve myself and try to make myself stronger. After all, the non-standard market is still very large, and I think it is still technical. Non-standard design is a design that is born in response to production needs. As long as there are new requirements, it will exist.

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